Accredited under Salish Kootenai College
Associate of Arts Degrees (A.A.)
Business Management

Program Overview

The Business Management associate's degree offers students foundational coursework which provides the skills necessary for the successful completion of upper-division coursework. The associate's degree curriculum focuses on general education, economics, accounting, marketing and management basics. Students receive experience in creating a business plan and a marketing plan for a new or existing business.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Following completion of the Associate's Degree curriculum, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of basic business principles by:
  • Applying financial and managerial accounting principles to new and existing businesses

  • Using marketing practices as a set of processes for creating, capturing, communicating, and delivering value to customers

  • Creating a business plan for a new business

  • Communicating business concepts in a clear and concise manner

  • Utilizing information technology and software tools to solve business problems

  • Career Opportunities

    The Business curriculum provides students with the essential business skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success in a wide variety of careers. Those careers available to graduates include starting a new business or growing an existing one, employment with tribal enterprises in administrative or managerial positions, and program manager level positions with tribal governments or non-profit organizations.

    Liberal Arts

    Program Overview

    The Liberal Arts Department offers an enriching two-year program consisting of studies in a variety of academic fields including Social Science, Humanities, Communications, Native American Studies, and Fine Arts. Upon graduating with this degree, a student is better prepared with skills, knowledge, and perspectives needed to successfully enter the work force or transfer into a bachelor's degree program for further studies.??The Liberal Arts faculty believes that a good education empowers people, and that empowered individuals promote positive social change. We provide opportunities for our students to acquire academic skills paired with increased self-awareness. The department offers a variety of courses designed to create well-rounded learners and communicators, while sparking imagination, creativity, and curiosity. The faculty is also strongly committed to integrating Native American history, culture, and viewpoints into all classes and to providing tools for students to enhance and strengthen their Native American communities today and in the future. Liberal Arts majors graduate with a better understanding of themselves, their communities, and the world.

    Program Objectives

  • Provide support for all STC academic programs and students through general education courses.
  • Provide core courses and advising support for students transferring into a four-year program upon completion of the two-year Liberal Arts program.
  • Provide school to work preparation for students seeking employment upon completion of the two-year Liberal Arts program.
  • Provide and maintain oral and written communication, and information literacy support to STC students, faculty, and staff through the STC Writing Center and its services.
  • Provide students with the communication and personal marketing skills to succeed in the workforce or in the pursuit of further education.

  • Upon completion of the Liberal Arts Program, students will be able to:
  • Practice effective written and verbal communication skills through the creation of essay, reports, and oral presentations.

  • Reflect understanding of the connection of people and place to language, ideas, and culture.

  • Utilize critical thinking skills to analyze and synthesize ideas and information from a variety of sources with one's own ideas to create well thought-out discussions, arguments, and ideas in written and oral work.

  • Demonstrate recognition of differing American Indian values and traditions, and a respect for various tribal cultures through the integration of Native American cultural perspectives into coursework.

  • Apply knowledge of the Liberal Arts to real-world situations, in meaningful ways across multiple settings and conditions.

  • Certificates of Completion (C.C.)

    Office Professions

    Program Overview

    The Office Professions Certificate of Completion prepares students for entry- level employment in general office positions. The curriculum focuses on concepts and skills in the following areas: records management and filing, business math and calculator skills, word processing and spreadsheet applications, customer service skills, and general workplace competencies necessary for office employment. The certificate also requires a 50-hour practicum where students gain real world experience in a local office. In addition to the office courses, students take general education courses as required by certificate programs at Salish Kootenai College.

    Students entering the 42-credit certificate program prepared to take the required courses can complete the certificate in one year providing they successfully pass the required courses each quarter. Upon completion of the OP Certificate, students wanting to transition into the Business Tech AAS (2- year) degree would have a number of the required courses completed.

    Program Objectives

  • Equip student with basic employment skills necessary for job success.

  • Provide skills to become proficient in oral and written communication.

  • Prepare students to manage records and file appropriately in an office.

  • Build competency in word processing and spreadsheet applications for office use.

  • Enable students to analyze and solve business math problems.

  • Equip students with appropriate customer service skills to interact with customers via telephone or face-to- face.

  • Upon completion of the Liberal Arts Program, students will be able to:

  • Students will manage records in an organization including the ability to file records alphabetically, numerically, geographically, and by subject.

  • Students will exhibit competency in basic office skills and professionalism in a practicum setting.

  • Students will demonstrate appropriate Human Relations skills in customer and co-worker interactions.

  • Students will create and maintain spreadsheets and word processing documents commonly used in businesses.

  • Students will staff and equip an office, addressing ergonomic issues and maintaining a budget.

  • Students will be able to solve business math calculations using an electronic calculator.

    Career Opportunities

    Students who complete the Office Professions Certificate will be prepared for employment in entry level general office positions which are expected to increase in number both in Washington and nationally.

  • Accredited under Salish Kootenai College